Global project for
the cutting edge robot business

In the domestic/overseas cutting edge robot market,

서비스를 확장하고 글로벌 시장에서

두로 로봇을 선택하는

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In the domestic/overseas cutting edge robot market, find new customers, expand
your service and find out why the global market chose Dooro Robot.

High-end Robot Based

Blockchain Business.

Dooro Foundation with one and only robot technology in the world has completed developing the cutting edge robot.
Join the blockchain business that is real, stable and profitable.


Dooro Foundation owns the one and only robot technology in the world, and is leading the environmental extreme robot and robot industry by applying for more than 50 patents in the field.

Doobae System, the parent company, has received T3 certificate as a business that owns excellent technology by technology credit rating agency 2 years in a row, and certified as NET new technology by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, certified as venture company, and obtained ISO9001:2015 certificate. Please find out more from our white paper.


We developed and currently selling robots for various fields such as ground diagnosis submarine robot, inhalation toxicity test robot, pipeline movement test and maintenance robot, electric endoscope device, underwater device, intelligent underwater movable robot and intelligent nuclear plant robot for environmental extreme. Please find out more from our white paper.


Doobae System, the parent company of Dooro Foundation is already acknowledged by numerous partners, and have secured many clients such as Institute for Advanced Engineering, Pukyong University, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea Railroad Research Institute, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Seoul National University, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Hanyang University, Chonnam National University and Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology.


Cutting-edge technology of Dooro

As a special developer of robots for extreme environment over 20 years, DoobaeSystem,
a mother company, founded as a private enterprise in 1993 shifting into a corporation in 1999,
starting technology development considering that robot can do whatever essential
for those human cannot do and for those human avoids.

Certificate for NET

INNO-BIZ Certificate

MAIN-BIZ Certificate

Certificate of Venture Capital

ISO9001:2000 Certificate

Certificate of the Disabled Company

Procurement Certificate from Ministry of Defense

Recommendation Letter for Excellent Project

Company R&D Center

Certificate of Excellent Invention

Please participate in the development of robots based on block chain.

Your participation can generate better world.

Our Team


CEO, Development general manager


Team Leader, Head of Circuit Development


Team Leader, Head of Mechanism Development


Team Leader, Blockchain Development


Chief, Blockchain Development



Professor in charge of IPP Work-Learning Joint Training Center, Kangwon National University


Doctor of Engineering, Korea Robot Convergence Research Institute

Coin Issue Information




No distribution plan is scheduled. 1 year (90%), 6 months (5%), 3 months (5%) lockup when necessary.


At the start of distribution 3 months (5%), 6 months (10%), 1 year (85%) lockup when necessary.

Affiliate & Partner

No distribution plan is scheduled. 1 year (90%), 6 months (5%), 3 months (5%) lockup when necessary.


When Distribute Sequential distribution. 1 year (82.308%), 6 months (7.692%)



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