About Us

Dooro Foundation

Combining the robot business
with blockchain.

Dooro, having Doobae System as the parent company, combines robot business with blockchain.

Dooro aims to spread the blockchain so that anyone can easily engage

in the verified Doobae System’s technology anywhere and anytime.



Doobae System

Parent company of Dooro Foundation that provides
the technology which is the basis of blockchain business development.

Doobae System owns convergence technology in the field of nuclear plant, thermoelectric powerplant, hydroelectric plant, combined power plant, solar power plant, petrochemical industry, marine, gas, high power, space, medical, service, entertainment, safety evaluation, inhalation toxicity, construction, undersea construction, bridge construction, marine ecosystem, air environment, radioactive pollution, street, railway. Also Doobae System owns various records for intellectualization of industrial site, and is accumulating technology via consistent R&D for over 20 years.