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DOORO is a company that specializes in developing extreme environmental robots. Like the air that is indispensable in our lives, we don’t know the inconvenience but definitely need the bridge, we have developed robots that diagnose the seabed ground in order to establish a living infrastructure of the world and develop the ocean that is treasure house of infinite resources.

2015 로보유니버스 컨퍼런스

로보유니버스 국제 컨퍼런스는 미국 온라인 미디어 MecklerMedia사와 공동주최로 진행되는 만큼  한국의업계, 학계 뿐 아니라 미주, 유럽, 아시아와 중동 쪽 국가와 해외언론에서도 많은 관심을 보이고

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